It’s a sunny Sunday morning and I am enjoying a late lie-in, with a day of nothing but relaxing and enjoying the weather. I might take a long stroll and head to the cinema this evening… HA, I wish!! Keepsake begins shooting in six days and with an entire day at my disposal, I have unending errands and Keepsake duties to fulfil. Currently at work at a ridiculous time in the morning, utilising the computer and silence, in order to sort though a lot of admin and emails; my producer Damon can vouch for this as I was e-mailing, texting and calling him from 8am (sorry!). Also went shopping for the last few props on the list, but still can’t locate a standing lamp (help a girl out if you have one!).

It certainly been another crazy week in the world of Keepsake pre-production. We lost one of our leads, due to commitment issues, and so posted online for a new actress on Thursday evening, along with a late night script rewrite to fit a broader age range for the character. Despite the limited time frame, we had a great response and held auditions all day yesterday. I am pleased to say we have found a new Mary! Nothing like a bit of last minute casting to keep us on our toes, although, to be fair, I feel like I have been on my toes for the past month. I’m literally levitating off the floor right now – all the fun that comes with no budget indie projects and a relentless director.

With six days to go, I have a week full of finalising logistics of cast, crew, props, kit and food. Also, costume finalisation and some begging, borrowing and stealing (not actual theft) from grip and lighting companies who I know (I love you all, please make my film happen!) mean it’s going to be one hell of a crazy week! We have overcome so many issues and setbacks on this film that I cannot wait to shoot it and show the world Keepsake; especially with such a dedicated cast and crew, who’ve never once flinched at any of the problems presented, and I’m sure will have to face over the next week.

Now off to Orpington, Kent to collect props from our lovely set designer, James! 6 days! Yipes! Sorry it’s a short one this week! Much horror love, as always.


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Writer/Director Katie Bonham is an avid horror fan, with three successful shorts produced in the past 15 months (her fourth short Keepsake is currently in pre-production). Exploding with ideas, determination and a pragmatic sensibility, Bonham is a talented up and coming director worth looking out for. Katie also reviews for and