By Liam Freeman

OK, I’ll admit it – when it comes to a documentary, the problem that I find is that they struggle to hold my attention for any lengthy period of time.

That all changed though with The Internet’s Own Boy, which struck a chord that left me fixated on the screen.

An extremely interesting and deep story, director Brian Knappenberger’s effort looks at the story of Aaron Swartz. If you are really into the internet and the World Wide Web, or even politics, chances are you have heard of this man’s efforts to change the world.

The documentary follows Aaron from the beginning of his life to his tragic end and how he slowly rose through the crowd and strived for change and for a better world.

It is clear that the people featured had a very passionate opinion of the young prodigy and all have their own stories to tel, which really enforced both the highs and lows throughout the documentary. Unfortunately if you are not interested in the subjects covered you may find yourself a bit lost on a few topics such as coding and what certain pieces of jargon mean, but to those that can look through or past it you will see a story that has helped shape this digital day and age.

This is not just a story of success but a story of loss. From the innocence of learning as a child to the end of his career, Aaron’s curiosity led to a stunning documentary and a story that deserves to be told to everyone.

It’s powerful. It’s very powerful. Combined with the raw emotion that is shown by those involved, it creates something that makes you want to help, want to change things.

All told Aaron’s tale is an extremely interesting one, and this look at his efforts for what we use today and take for granted is one that deserves to be seen and heard – I strongly recommend giving this documentary a look.


DVD Review: The Internet's Own Boy
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