It’s been another busy week in the world of pre-production for Keepsake! And it’s all change! After initially deciding to split the shoot into 3 blocks, we are now shooting the entire short in three days (minus one scene) at the end of March, which is less than 2 weeks away! Due to budget and availability of cast and crew the three day shoot will technically be easier, but we’ll see what my blog says the day after we wrap…

This week was made up of crew hunting, logistics and shooting schedules! And yes, all are still being tweaked as I write this. Sourcing crew is always difficult if you are offering an expenses only gig, but with low-budget films passion really does have to be the main driving force of the team; well, that and decent food. We are now entirely crewed up (sound and grip found) bar one role. We have called in favours, posted online and are waiting (for what feels like an eternity) for replies. Fingers, toes and eyes all crossed and hopefully next week’s blog will see us fully crewed and ready to rock – come rain or shine in the crew department, we will be shooting!

Due to a very tight budget we are also looking into the most cost effective means of travel for the cast and crew – luckily, the lovely lady whose house we are shooting in will let some of the crew crash overnight, so sleeping bags and pillows at the ready! Although this will mean a more intense shoot, as we are unable to escape each other for three days – sounds just like a horror film :).

Saturday morning saw me bright and early at a local boot fair as I haggled (yes, haggled, it is a boot fair after all) over props mostly made from porcelain. The lovely lady who agreed to 50p for her vases commented: ‘enjoy them dear, I’m sure they will look lovely in your room.’ I didn’t have the heart to tell her that in less than two weeks they will be smashed to smithereens and be part of a horror film, although it was tempting. I also worried she would assume the white flowery vases (and not the Cath Kidson type) were for my room (must have that ‘look’, you know). My room is now covered in strange props ready to be packed down for the shoot, although they all look right at home next to the Chucky dolls and horror figurines. I may keep the sheep’s bones after the shoot and create some kind of wind chime – pretty sure my aunt would love that.

Sunday was mother’s day. Unfortunately, I didn’t see my mum as she was busy deep sea diving off a small boat in Egypt. She found a cheap deal and decided to go a few weeks ago. Must be where I get my spontaneity from. Anyhow, I would like to do a little blog shout-out for her! She has been my rock and always pushes me to chase my dreams! Okay, enough mushy stuff!

I wanted to say thank you again to the people who are still donating directly to me, you wonderful fiendish horror supporters! I also have some very exciting news in regards to other projects that I will hopefully be working on later in the year, I’m not allowed to say anymore at the moment, but, as Stuart from Scream said, “Oh! Oh! This is the greatest part. You’re gonna love this! Yeah, you’re gonna love this one. It’s a scream baby!’ More updates soon!


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