Having waded through horror remake after horror remake thus far in his career, director Marcus Nispel attempts to throw us something new in the shape of The Asylum, which also appears to have been known as Exeter or Backmask at some point.

I say ‘something new’ very loosely, as I lost count of the number of times I rolled my eyes while watching the trailer below, which is not a good sign.

Anyways, here’s the synopsis:

From Marcus Nispel, director of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW and FRIDAY THE 13TH remakes, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll possession. Six teens throw a party in a rundown building and find a vintage record. Talk turns to ‘backmasking’ – subliminal messages recorded onto a music groove heard only when the track is played backwards – and they play the vinyl for a giggle. Soon a seemingly malevolent entity has infiltrated the group, wreaking havoc. However the spirit is actually trying to convey a message and the real source of horror is something – or someone – much closer to home.

There’s nothing like being proved wrong, so let’s hope that The Asylum turns out to be a pleasant surprise when it screens in Glasgow on 27 February at 11.15pm.

The film stars the likes of Stephen Lang, Brett Dier and Brittany Curran.

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