If there is one thing that our friends at Frightfest do well (actually, they do a lot well – but stick with us) it’s showing plenty of respect and reverence for the genre’s past.

The upcoming Glasgow shindig will once again be throwing up a retrospective slot, and this time it’s a beauty, with Mario Bava’s 1964 classic Blood and Black Lace getting an all-too welcome airing (ahead of its impending sumptuous Blu-ray release).

In case you’re in the dark on this one, here’s the synopsis:

One of the most influential horror thrillers of all time, Italian Maestro of Terror Mario Bava’s shimmering fever dream is a visually stunning, elegantly mounted and erotically charged catalogue of innovative homicidal cruelty. Six models at Contessa Cristina Como’s chic Rome fashion house are tortured and violently murdered by a ghost-like masked psychopath for a telltale diary containing incriminating scandal. A chiller way ahead of its time and considered the main evolutionary starting point for the entire giallo genre that would inspire Dario Argento, this key masterpiece of menace is presented here in all its restored glory.

We cannot really praise this one enough, and the Scottish audience is in for a real treat when this one plays on February 28 at 1.30pm.

To keep you interested, here’s the original trailer from back in the day:

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