When it came to our Movie Ramblings end of year team shindig recently, there was only really one individual who we could crown our Favourite Person of 2014 – that being horror-icon-in-the-making Jessica Cameron.

Whether it be unleashing her directorial debut, ball-busting bloodbath Truth Or Dare onto unsuspecting audiences, stepping in front of the camera for roles in the likes of Utero and Save Yourself, or popping over to the UK to wow the crowds at August’s Frightfest, Cameron was the genre present that kept on giving.

And, away from the material itself, it would be pretty remiss of us not to also mention that Jessica was always willing to reply to tweets, answer interview requests and do plenty more to keep us up to date with her progress.


For that reason, we thought it would be rude if we didn’t check in again to kick off 2015, getting the lowdown on the myriad projects the actor/writer/director has up her sleeve.

After all, who isn’t intrigued by the likes of the upcoming Mania, described by Jessica herself as a ‘fucked-up lesbian love story’?

Naturally Cameron was happy to fill us in film by film, and here’s what she had to say:

“Truth Or Dare – We finished our film festival run with 31 awards and are currently looking at various distribution offers and sales agent agreements. We are also finishing up on the special features to ensure that the fans have some fun cool bonuses for the release!

Mania – We are pushing through post production and I am incredibly pleased with what we have created. We are right on schedule to start screening film festivals in the Summer/ Fall. I met so many friends while touring with Truth or Dare and I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting even more people when Mania starts to screen.


Desolation is currently in post production up in Canada, we still have a few pick up scenes to film but should start screening in 2015.

Kill the PA (AKA Kill the Production Assistant) is in post production. This might be my favorite of the films we shot while traveling across the US (it’s the making of Mania and Desolation) because we will not be sugar coating the indie film making process. The fans will see it ALL , the good days, the bad days, those who were a joy to work with and those that were very difficult. Its going to be a very honest and real look at the world I work in and I can not wait for everyone to watch it all. Its truly amazing what we were able to accomplish in just 21 days.

Save Yourself is currently in post production in Canada – Post City Sound is putting on some final touchings and we should start screenings soon.

A Grim Becoming has started to screen at festivals – so be on the look out for this horror comedy from Def Tone Pictures soon. I suspect we will see news of the release soon, as it’s been getting great reviews thus far!

Utero is in the final stages of post production, and the poster is still making waves for its disturbing image. I can not wait to watch this one with the audience to see them react especially if they thought the cover art was disturbing 🙂


I also just completed my segment for the Soska sister’s 2015 Blood Drive PSA which will be released in Feb to honor Women In Horror month. There will be a longer cut on the Truth Or Dare DVD. Two of my favorite cast members from Truth or Dare (Ryan Kiser and Heather Dorff) are in it.

I have some great news coming soon on upcoming projects – but I never talk about them until the ink is fully dry 🙂
So severed fingers crossed!!!!”

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