Aliens, paranormal shenanigans, a 70s giallo homage and the King Of Hell will be just some of the goodies heading to London’s West End at this year’s Frightfest Halloween all-nighter.

Looking to follow-up a pretty impressive mix of flicks offered up at the August bank holiday shindig, the October event will see Extraterrestrial, The ABCs of Death 2, The Pact 2, Last Shift and The Editor hit the big screen at the Prince Charles Cinema, along with the usual host of treats and surprise guests.

Extraterrestrial, the second movie from directing team The Vicious Brothers, is a sci-fi fantasy that sees a bunch of teenagers investigating some weird goings-on after a UFO crashes in a nearby forest.

The ABCs of Death 2 doesn’t really need much of an introduction – 26 more devilish tales from 26 directors, including the likes of the Soska sisters and EL Katz, that is sure to be on the wish list of anyone who sat through (and enjoyed) the first batch.

Anthony Blasi’s Last Shift is up next, an intriguing mix of police thriller, bio-waste and a cult leader, promising plenty of carnage along the way.

Another sequel heads to the all-nighter in the shape of the UK premiere of The Pact 2, which, if the early word is anything to go by, is a vast improvement on the original.

Once again looking at the murderous antics of the Judas Killer, this throws in FBI profilers, a trauma scene cleaner and a fresh batch of victims.

Last, but not least, is Canadian giallo homage The Editor, a 70s throwback that centres on a movie editor (with four wooden fingers no less) who just happens to have members of the cast of his latest film turning up as dead bodies.

Frightfest co-director Alan Jones said: “We felt it was now an appropriate time to celebrate our roots and the interactive community that makes Frightfest unique amongst global genre festivals.

“The Prince Charles Cinema is where it all began 15 years ago and this Halloween you can join us for an intimate trip down memory lane and an ultimate shock-around-the-clock experience.”

Tickets for the event, set for October 25 at 9pm, will be priced £40 and can be purchased from the Prince Charles Cinema website.



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