I’m always up for another university campus slasher, even if that sub-genre throws up just as many misses as hits.

Looking to take its place in the latter category is Kristy, the latest flick from British director Olly Blackburn, whose Donkey Punch caused a bit of a stir when it was released back in 2008.

Kristy follows student Justine (Haley Bennett), who finds herself alone on campus when all the other students head home for Thanksgiving.

With only the university security for company, this is naturally the perfect playground for a bunch of psychos and, lo and behold, they target Justine as a potential new victim.

This gang have carved up a few people in the past it seems, electing to give all their victims the name Kristy (hence the title).

Anyways, it seems as though Justine is a bit of a resourceful thing, and decides to fight back rather than meekly accept her fate – well and truly entering her into the ‘Final Girl’ stakes.

The trailer is perfectly fine, even if it doesn’t particularly suggest anything fresh, so let’s hope Blackburn has something up his sleeve when it comes to the full film.

Kristy also stars the likes of Ashley Greene and Erica Ash, and plays at the festival on October 15 and 17.


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