You wait ages for a movie to come along about lethal female sea creatures, then suddenly Frightfest are throwing two at you at once.

For, in addition to Horror Channel fave Emily Booth bringing her short film Selkie to the London shindig, the festival are also giving a UK premiere to director Milan Todorovic’s Nymph.

Essentially a teens-in-peril flick with a twist in the tail (see what I did there), the film follows a bunch of good-looking friends who, as you do, decide to visit an abandoned military fortress on a remote island.

We all know that is not going to end well (don’t these people EVER watch horror films) and, sure enough, the fortress turns out to be the home of a Siren, a mermaid-like creature who likes nothing better than to lure people in and feast on them.

We get the added bonus of the original Django himself Franco Nero turning up as a fisherman ‘with a haunted past’, while scream queen duties seem assigned to Kristina Klebe, who popped up in the not-deserving-the-crap-it-gets Rob Zombie remake of Halloween (in my opinion anyways).

It will be interesting to see what Todorovic does with the material – after all, this is the man who brought Serbia’s first zombie movie to the screen (Zone Of The Dead).

And let us all be grateful that the film has stuck with the solid title Nymph, rather than the woeful Killer Mermaid that I have seen on some posters floating around the web.

Nymph screens at Frightfest on Monday, August 25.



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