Marriage can be a truly beautiful thing – the union between two people who love each other, a symbol of their eternal bond.

However, marriage is never as simple as a fairy tale, and Honeymoon plays on the fears and conflicts involved in such an intense relationship, framing it around an ethereal, sinister mystery where the creeping terror of doubt and the boundaries of trust are pushed to the brink.

When newlywed couple Paul and Bea travel to a picturesque lake retreat for their honeymoon, the promise of romance and the celebration of their relationship in seclusion fill them with optimism and joy.

One night, Paul discovers Bea wandering in the forest, seemingly without reason, and begins to show signs of peculiar behaviour unlike the girl Paul married, forgetting crucial moments in their joint past.

Soon, seclusion becomes isolation…trust replaced with doubt…love with fear; it becomes clear something unspeakable took place in those woods, and Paul must discover the truth.

Harry Treadaway takes on the role of Paul, having recently gained a bucketload of genre cred thanks to Cockneys vs Zombies and Penny Dreadful, while Game Of Thrones star Rose Leslie plays Bea.

The debut feature for Leigh Janiak, Honeymoon is an intimate and disturbing thriller that has the power to creep under the skin, and could be one of the films to watch out in this year’s stellar line up.


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