Few films can boast a killer as unexpectedly iconic as The Samurai.

Cross dressing, katana wielding…it’s one exceedingly bizarre sight to behold.

However, it’s also defining of a film that willingly challenges the social conventions of small town German mores, sexual identity and the boundaries of the self.

After receiving a package addressed to lone wolf, young police officer Jakob is thrust into the twisted world of a psychopath waiting to unleash his carnage upon the population of the small town he despises.

A film that promises both viscera and careful psychological horror, The Samurai could prove to be one of the Frightfest discoveries of the year – artistic, gritty and ruthless, with a keen sense of creeping psychosis and carnage.

Directed by Till Kleinert and starring the likes of Michel Diercks and Pit Bukowski, the film gets its UK premiere on Sunday, August 24.



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