All Cheerleaders Die is something of a lazarus.

In 2000, first time directors Lucky McGee and Chris Sivertson teamed up to create a high school set teen horror about a clique of cheerleaders who return from the grave to get revenge on the jocks who caused their death.

Jump forward 14 years, both McGee and Sivertson’s careers have developed, found fans and acclaim (particularly McGee for the stunning combo of Lucky and The Woman) for their work. Coming together once again, they have decided to return to their first work, looking at it with fresh eyes, new ideas and a whole new understanding of horror cinema.

All Cheerleaders Die is back, remade with devilishly slick ambition and a desire to subvert the all American staple that is the high school sex comedy. When Lexi, captain of the cheerleading squad dies unexpectedly, the school is left in shock and mourning…except for the new captain Tracy who is already dating the deceased’s star football player boyfriend.

Enter Maddy who decides this is the perfect opportunity to cheerleading squad pay for their bullying ways and her weird loner neighbour Leena who claims to practise the Dark Arts. Claims that take on frightening reality when another shocking turn of events lead to resurrection and revenge.

Filled with supernatural scares, a gory physicality and wicked satire on the politics of high school life, All Cheerleaders Die is a twisted fusion of Heathers and Jennifer’s Body, with an attitude all its own.


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