In 1999, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez changed the face of modern horror forever.

Their low budget film about a group of documentarians lost in the woods, confronted by a potential supernatural evil, caught the imagination of the nation in a way only the likes of The Exorcist had done previously. In the process, it become the most profitable independent horror film in history, and brought the niche genre of ‘found-footage’ horror to the forefront of mainstream horror (for better or for worse considering its legacy).

That film was The Blair Witch Project…and now one of that sensation’s creators, Eduardo Sanchez has returned to the found footage device for a new trip to the woods, Exist.

A group of young twenty somethings journey into an isolated Texan wood for a weekend of heavy partying, away from the prying eyes of teachers, parents and the general community. However, they quickly discover they are not alone, and are being stalked by an impossible creature that has become legend in American folklore. Bigfoot.

Having tiptoed back into horror with the likes of Lovely Molly and a segment in V/H/S 2, Exists is a bold return for Sanchez to the sub-genre that made him, and although it will never compare to the legend of the original, in its choice of Bigfoot, an ethereal legend that is unreachable, there is a self-awareness, and a defiance to bring a new angle on a classic American ‘monster.’

Bringing thrills, fun and emotional tension, Exists has the potential to be something of a sleeper hit at this year’s horror extravaganza, getting its UK premiere on Friday, August 22.

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