Horror and comedy make tremendous bedfellows…the more high-concept the better. And perhaps, the highest concept B-Horror you’ll find at this year’s Frightfest is Zombeavers.

If the title alone isn’t enough of a selling point (come on…ZOMBEAVERS!) then its blend of 80s teenage horror tropes with modern fears of infection, environmental damage and nature turning on humanity proves that high concept doesn’t mean low brow.

In fact, Zombeavers is gleefully self-aware, intelligent and true to its horror roots, as much homage as parody. Following a group of college kids as they head into the woods for a weekend of sinful pleasures, they quickly discover that the local lodge of beavers have been mutated into something altogether nastier by toxic waste. Soon, the booze, sex and debauchery are interrupted by a bloody fight for their lives from these relentless critters.

Zombeavers proved to be a hit with audiences on the U.S. festival circuit, and it’s brand of laughs, shocks, gore and endless ‘beaver’ puns make Zombeavers the must watch guilty pleasure of Frightfest 2014.

Directed by Jordan Rubin and starring the likes of Chad Anderson, Lexi Atkins and Brent Briscoe, the film screens on Thursday, August 21.

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