For any self-respecting horror fan, one of the rites of passage into a full appreciation of the grubbiness of the genre is checking out the smorgasboard of cannibal flicks that appeared in the late 70s and early 80s.

To be sure, you will find few people that will step forward and claim the likes of Cannibal Ferox or Cannibal Holocaust as good movies, but effective, brutal slices of carnage? Hell yes.

Well, it just so happens that genre favourite Eli Roth plans to take us back to that time (albeit hopefully minus the sickening real-life animal slaughter) with his latest opus, The Green Inferno.

Lorenza Izzo stars as Justine, a tree-hugging NYC student who plans to join a mission to Peru to save a rainforest and the inhabiting tribe.

Things go horribly wrong though when their small plane crashes in the jungle, leaving half the party dead.

That would appear bad enough, but an even worse fate appears set for the survivors when they are caged by the very tribe they are trying to help – a tribe that appear to be pretty hungry…..

Roth returns to the director’s chair for the first time since Hostel Part 2, having taken up his recent years with some acting stints as well as plenty of producing work.

One of those acting roles was in the enjoyable earthquake gorefest Aftershock (which also starred Izzo and Ariel Levy, who appears here), and we’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with behind the camera again.

The Green Inferno also stars the likes of Daryl Sabara and Kirby Bliss Blanton, and screens at London’s Frightfest on Friday, August 24.



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