Billed as ‘an occult tale of ambition, possession and the true cost of fame and fortune’, Starry Eyes looks set to offer a sinister look at the thirst for celebrity status.

Sarah Walker (Alex Essoe) is biding her time as a waitress, hoping to make it big in Hollywood, attending casting call after casting call with little success.

But things change (for the weirder as well as supposedly better) when she hooks up with the mysterious Astraeus Pictures, who offer her the role of a lifetime in one of their upcoming flicks.

Naturally, with this being a Frightfest pick and all that, things do not run smoothly, and Sarah soon realises that the opportunity will bring bizarre ramifications – consequences that will transform her both mentally and physically……

Written and directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, Starry Eyes is produced by Travis Stevens, who recently brought the ace Cheap Thrills to the big screen.

And one of the stars of Cheap Thrills, genre favourite Pat Healy, also pops up here, along with the likes of Noah Segan and Amanda Fuller.

We’ve included the trailer below, which offers up plenty of suggestion (and blood) without giving too much away.

Starry Eyes screens at London’s Frightfest On Saturday, August 23.



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