Michael Fassbender narrates this honest and direct look at the history and evolution of Formula 1 racing.

1- LOTL BD_3D_ORINGStarting off with some startling footage of a racing car taking off the ground and smashing into the side of the track, 1: Life on the Limit pulls no punches when dealing with the dangers involved in the adrenaline fuelled sport.

From there, it jumps back to the early days of the sport with input culled together from both archival footage and more recent interviews.

1: Life on the Limit features just about everyone who was anyone in Formula 1’s long history with the documentary not shying away from the hard and tragic facts that the lack of certain safety measures led to the needless deaths of many drivers, at an alarming rate.

Focusing more on the racers’ families and various individuals who are passionate about the sport, 1: Life on the Limit finds its narrative by representing the views of literally everyone who was involved with Formula 1.

From the business men, the racers and their wives, the personal anecdotes told from their first hand experience gives a perspective that is barely glimpsed.

As Sir Jackie Stewart documents his efforts to enforce safety standards, it’s heartbreaking to see how the sport claimed the lives of the charismatic likes of Francois Cevert and of course Ayrton Senna.

Pretty much everything is covered, from the drivers, to the mechanics, the cars and the effects this all had on the wives and girlfriends.

Anyone who has even just a passing interest in Formula 1, should check out 1: Life on the Limit. Fast, sad, amusing and boldly ambitious in its scope, it’s an entertaining and excellently put together documentary.

Verdict: [rating=4]

1: Life on the Limit is out on blu-ray and DVD now.

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