Charles Dance started his career in 1974 as a lowly officer but since then he’s worked his way through TV, Film, Gaming and the stage to become one of the best loved actors of this generation (and the one before). With continued fame from striking performances in television smash hit Game of Thrones and, most recently, animated hit Justin and the Knights of Valour, we have decided to take a look at some of his greatest roles in film and TV.

Settle back and when you’re through, let us know which roles you remember or would have loved to have seen make the list.


Justin and the Knights of Valour

Bringing things right up to date, Dance plays Legantir, a head monk of the abbey, a wise and gifted man who is a force of great power and magic. Seemingly severe at first, Legantir both scares and fascinates the young adventurer Justin and soon becomes a powerful ally and tutor for the boy.

Charles Dance proves that to be one of the greats your talents should also lie in the art of voice acting. Starring alongside and all-star cast including Antonio Banderas, James Cosmo, Tamsin Egerton, Rupert Everett, Freddie Highmore, Alfred Molina and Saoirse Ronan, there’s no denying that this film (now on DVD) would be a great way to keep the kids happy this half-term.


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Alien 3

One of the biggest science fiction franchises in the world welcomes Charles Dance with open arms as Ripley finds herself once again facing the alien threat. Playing Clemens a prison doctor, this one man must decipher Ripley’s ramblings whilst dealing with an increased number of casualties, missing inmates and what appears to be an extra-terrestrial threat loose on a colony that has no weapons.

Regular visitors to the site will know Alien 3 remains one of our favourite films, so if you haven’t give it the respect it deserves yet, then where on earth have you been?



The Golden Child

It may not be the most well-known role in Charles Dance’s history on film but it certainly is an entertaining one. Playing Sardo Numspa, this villain goes to a lot of trouble to nab one child, a child with supernatural abilities but as is the way with all villains Sardo must face off against a chosen one… when you consider the people that Charles Dance could face off against Eddie Murphy is not the first one that springs to mind but you guessed it… Sardo must face off against “The Chosen One”, Eddie Murphy!

Action, laughter and a touch of fantasy, The Golden Child is one film laden with 80s cheese!



Last Action Hero

It’s a film within a film and more as Charles Dance stars opposite action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger (Escape Plan). As Benedict, Charles Dance plays a character with giant plans to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger… it’s not as complicated as it seems. Arnie plays Jack Slater a character in an action flick, unfortunately a magic ticket allows one boy to bring these characters out into the real world and when one villain discovers that he can cause carnage in the real world, he sets out to destroy his nemesis once and for all by killing the actor that plays him… ARNIE!

Charles Dance has always seemed like a clever chap and this flick proves it!



Game of Thrones

Tywin Lannister, is he good, is he bad? Who knows? He certainly goes after what he wants and knows what he wants to keep! With a family out to stab each other in the back, this father of 2 and a half really doesn’t have much of a hope in the war for the Iron Throne.

This is the role that put Charles Dance back on the map, a hit TV show from HBO with action, adventure and a catalogue of deaths that makes the grim reaper weep whenever a new season is announced. With people dying left and right how long does Tywin have left? There’s life in the old dog yet!

Charles Dance is a man for austere seasons in Game of Thrones


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