Horror movies and heavy metal music seem to go hand in hand for most people (not me, and I must admit I used to get peeved when the likes of Fangoria would devote pages to metal bands).

Anyways, in a move that will surprise few people, legendary guitarist Slash has decided to co-found a horror production company, dubbing it Slasher Films.

Now we are all for this, as if Slash’s clout on the marketing front brings more horror into the public eye, then that can only be a good thing in our book.

The first film from the company will be Nothing Left To Fear, which will pop up at the Frightfest all-nighter ahead of a DVD/on demand release in February 2014.

Starring the likes of Anne Heche, Clancy Brown and Ethan Peck, and directed by Anthony Leonardi III, Nothing Left To Fear takes in small town folklore, along with a blast of the devil himself.

The set-up is a family moving halfway across the nation, in the hope that setting up home in a small, idyllic town will be the answer to their problems.

Wouldn’t you know though, the town they choose – Stull in Kansas – just may be one of the seven gates to Hell, with the Devil planning to emerge from the town’s graveyard and roam the earth.

Nothing Left To Fear screens at Frightfest on October 26, and we’ve got the trailer and poster below:


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