If you are planning to compile a list of the most effective horror movies of the 90s, chances are you would have Candyman near the top of that list – and if you don’t, well, you’re wrong.

Directed by London-born Bernard Rose, the Clive Barker adaptation is a hands-down classic in its own right, with a cracking story to go with some genuine scares.

But Rose hardly used the film as a launchpad for an assualt on worldwide box offices – in fact, over the next 18 years as far as I can tell the director only helmed seven more films, including the likes of Howard Marks bio-pic Mr Nice.

All that is probably why my interest is well and truly piqued by sx_tape, Rose’s return to the horror genre, that has been picked up for this year’s London Film Festival.

My interest is still held even when you realise sx_tape is part of the found footage format, although with Rose in control expect a slyly subvertive take on the tired genre.

The plot seems simple enough – a budding artist and her voyeuristic boyfriend decide to break in to an abandoned hospital to look for locations for an art exhibition.

They are joined by another couple on their journey, only to find that they are not alone – and a desperate fight for survival is on the agenda……

OK, so that might all so run-of-the-mill straight to DVD stuff, but with Rose involved let’s hope we get something a bit more memorable.

Starring the likes of Caitlyn Folley and Diana Garcia, sx_tape plays at the festival on October 10 and 12.

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Simon is a journalism tutor in London, who also just happens to be a movie fanatic, with a craving for the darker side of cinema. He has written three books - on the horror films of director Bob Clark (2014), the history of the character Norman Bates (2015) and the work of British exploitation director Pete Walker (2017). He is currently working with director Richard Loncraine to explore all avenues in a bid to orchestrate the re-release of 1978 Mia Farrow chiller Full Circle