What looks as though it could prove a delicious mix of Hitchcock and Argento, Grand Piano looks like being one of the more intriguing offerings in the Cult strand at this year’s London Film Festival.

A Spanish-USA production, the flick stars Elijah Wood as a virtuoso pianist, returning to the concert spotlight after five years in the darkness following a tragedy.

Wood’s Tom Selznick is already crippled by stage fright as it is, but that is nothing compared to the realisation that he is being watched by a madman, who is threatening to kill both Selznick and his wife if the musician plays a single wrong note.

Wood is on a bit of a horror roll at the moment, what with his eye-catching turn in the brutal remake of Maniac recently.

And Grand Piano, directed by Eugenio Mira, seems set to be a potent mix of dark humour, visual trickery and sustained tension, so we have high hopes for this one.

Below is a behind-the-scenes video of the production, which if you speak Spanish I am sure will prove an enlightening watch.

If you don’t, skipping to about 2:40 into the video sees Wood being interviewed for his thoughts on the film.

Grand Piano screens at the festival on both the 15th and 18th of October.


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