Rum Punch Productions have released a new trailer and poster from their upcoming independent horror flick, Young, High and Dead.


To celebrate a recent engagement a group of five friends embark on a camping trip they will never return from.  Deep in the forest the group pitch next to the grave of a local missing child.  As the killer watches them it’s not long before a night of drink and drugs turns into a waking nightmare.  When the group awake in the early hours, they find themselves shackled and chained to trees, will the group stick and work together in order to exit the situation and the forest alive?  Or will the killer leave them all Young, High and Dead?

Trailer is below, remember NSFW means “Not safe for work”. We did warn you.

Young, High and Dead MK1 Trailer 2013 from Young High and Dead on Vimeo.

Writer and main director of Young, High and Dead, Luke Brady says of the film:

“Young, High and Dead is a modern twist on a familiar genre piece.  As a huge fan of 80’s horror classics, I wanted to write and shoot something that harked back to this style of cinema.  YHAD nods to certain influences in that era but hopefully brings a layered journey for the group of five friends, part autobiographical part fantasy, YHAD draws a story that hopefully audience members can engage and relate to.  I tried to buck all trends and steer in the opposite direction to what people expect, not just narrative.  The way I made the film is just as fantastical as the film itself.”

Starring Hannah Tointon, Louisa Lytton, Nigel Boyle, Matthew Stathers, David Partridge and Su Elliot, Young, High and Dead is set for release 13th September exlusively on Vimeo on Demand.

For more information about Young, High and Dead:

Official Website | Podcast on the Production by Luke Brady | Twitter | Facebook







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