Taking in secret government experiments, mind control drugs – oh, and plenty of dead bodies, Banshee Chapter promises a nice slice of paranoia.

Dialling things back to 1963 to begin with, the flick focuses on US tests on unsuspecting Americans using chemical agents – a programme dubbed MK-ULTRA.

Fast forward to present day and internet journalist Anne Roland decides to poke around when her best friend vanishes, leading her to discover a video of him taking these same mind-altering drugs.

The search sends her to the mysterious Chamber 5 in a Black Rock research facility, with things not likely to end well.

A few things stand out about this offering – for starters, the film is somewhat inexplicably in 3D, and is exec-produced by Zachary Quinto, so is probably worth a watch just to see how those two things came about.

Katia Winter, who recently appeared as stripper Nadia in season 7 of Dexter, takes on the role of Roland, while Buffalo Bill himself, Ted Levine, also stars.

Directed by Blair Erickson, who is making his debut with this film, Banshee Chapter screens at Frightfest on Monday, August 26.

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