I think it’s fair to say there’s not much love for Ghostbusters 2.

While many say it is not a patch on its predecessor, I was blown away by it at the time (I was 9 years old) and I still believe that the follow-up is a capable blockbuster and much underrated film that has plenty to enjoy.

One of those things is the performance, or should I say performances of Wilhelm von Homburg and Max von Sydow as Vigo the Carpathian, the primary antagonist who spends most of the film trapped within the canvas of a painting, plotting his eventual rebirth so he can cause the end of the world.

Wilhelm von Homberg as Vigo The Carpathian

Wilhelm von Homberg as Vigo The Carpathian

Earlier this year make-up artist William Forsche posted a behind the scenes video of Wilhem von Homburg acting out Vigo’s speech.

According to William Fosches YouTube page, Wilhelm von Homburg was not made aware of the fact that Max von Sydow was going to provide Vigo’s voice and upon viewing the cast and crew screening of the finished film, he promptly stormed out.

You can see the finished scene with Max von Sydows dulcet tones here.

We recommend checking out William Forsches Facebook page for more behind the scenes photographs of his seminal work.

Source: William Forsche, aintitcool and Spook Central

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