Okay, so if we took a straw poll of horror movies from the past few years that seemed set for the sequel treatment, I reckon I Spit On Your Grave would feature very low, if at all.

But here we are, three years on from director Steven R Monroe’s relatively successful remake and the director is back for another instalment.

When you scratch below the surface though things do grind a bit, as you quickly realise this follow-up seemingly has nothing to do with the 2010 offering, bar the title.

This time around the film follows Kate, a wannabe model looking to make a name for herself in New York.

But what appears a dream photo shoot assignment soon turns very sour (and nasty), and before long Kate is gunning for bloody revenge against those that have defiled her – with the audience’s support now doubt.

Sure this looks like a straight-up cash-in, but the trailer suggests another round of gory vengeance, which will be mighty fine in my book.

Starring the likes of Jemma Dallander and Joe Absolom, I Spit On Your Grave 2 gets a European premiere at Frightfest on Sunday, August 25.

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