Big budget Tom Cruise sci-fi Edge Of Tomorrow may be the best part of a year away from hitting cinemas, but that hasn’t stopped the hype machine rumbling into gear at San Diego’s Comic Con.

The film, up until recently known as All You Need Is Kill, stars Cruise as a futuristic warrior, indulging in something resembling a suicide mission as Earth attempts to repel invading alien forces.

Trouble is though, every time Cruise’s Bill Cage is killed, he simply awakens again at the start of the same day, offering him a fresh chance to save the planet.

Okay, so it all sounds a bit Source Code, or even Groundhog Day through a sci-fi blender, but with director Doug Liman at the helm, and with Emily Blunt getting joint billing, we’re still looking forward to this one.

Anyways, a clutch of posters have debuted at Comic Con, offering plenty of hardware to pore over ahead of the May 2014 release, which we have included below.






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