In honour of Octopussy turning 30 years old this year, we thought we’d mark the occasion by sharing a photograph of Maud Adams.

Octopussy was released in 1983 and marked the second occasion that Maud Adams had appeared as a character in a James Bond film.

Maud Adams as Octopussy

Maud Adams as Octopussy – copyright: Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation

Octopussy was initially set to feature a fresh face in the role of Bond (with both James Brolin and Timothy Dalton being courted for the part), but producers re-contracted Moore to return to the role once they learned that Never Say Never Again was rolling into production. It was felt that an established actor would fare better against Connery’s unofficial return to the role.

Octopussy also marked the first time a different actor would play M. Due to the death of Bernard Lee, the producers decided that rather than recast the role Robert Brown’s character from The Spy Who Loved Me, Admiral Hargreaves should be promoted to the role of M.

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