Medieval zombie romp (yep, you read that right) Knight Of The Dead will hit DVD shelves in the UK on July 1, it has been announced.

Released by Signature Entertainment, a trailer has popped up showing just what gut-muncher fans can expect from this opus, and it seems to be a cheap-and-cheerful approach, some corny dialogue and plenty of entertaining on-screen carnage.

The plot seems interesting enough – a band of crusading knights, escorting the holy grail through a valley of black death, happening upon an outbreak of the undead, so we shall certainly give this a watch.

Directed by Mark Atkins, who has worked on the likes of Jack The Giant Killer and the Haunting Of Winchester House, the horror flick stars the likes of Feth Greenwood, Dylan Jones and Lee Bennett.

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Simon is a journalism tutor in London, who also just happens to be a movie fanatic, with a craving for the darker side of cinema. He has written three books - on the horror films of director Bob Clark (2014), the history of the character Norman Bates (2015) and the work of British exploitation director Pete Walker (2017). He is currently working with director Richard Loncraine to explore all avenues in a bid to orchestrate the re-release of 1978 Mia Farrow chiller Full Circle

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  1. steve

    Worst movie of the year !!
    None of the following bothered to turn up -Script, plot, acting, costumes, budget
    Even the f**king scenery didn’t bother appearing on this movie.
    Colour ?, Black and White ? – Nope the whole thing is just a yucky shade of grey.
    My wife fell asleep 2 minutes into this and woke up with 1 minute to go
    Did i miss anything ? – Nope
    For those of you really interested here’s the plot
    Hello i’ve come to collect the Holy grail
    oh all right here it is – please leave my pizza over there
    Thanks, bye then – you can die now (even though you looked fine when we arrived)
    Must have been the anchovies !
    Couple of banal lines,random murder of a baddie, make a lifelong enemy (some fat bloke who seems to be able to run marathons alongside his grandad – no problem catching up with the others at all
    wrong turn into zombie land – in spite of the large ‘Watch out for the zombies’ notice – probably in Welsh
    Bit of Michael Jackson lookalike thing going on – randon eating of healthy armored fit young lads by shuffling white painted ARRGHHH OHHH “i’m a zombie” types.
    Priest bloke – says well bye then and walks across the deadly snow covered mountains – white made a pleasant change from the interminable grey.
    finds a horse – like you do
    Goes down the pub – film over
    Wasn’t even much of a holy grail as these things go – says it all