Thirty years ago Return of the Jedi hit the cinema screens.

For me and I imagine a lot of people, it was a big deal – it was the first film I saw in the cinema and I think it’s safe to say the experience had quite a profound effect on my life.

Of course later when I saw A New Hope, followed by The Empire Strike Back it did leave me a little traumatised for a small while, thinking that the trilogy ended with Luke losing his hand and Han Solo getting frozen in carbonite – but I was young and stupid, and concepts such as “a chronological order” hadn’t yet dawned on my youthful and naive mind.

But seeing Return of the Jedi during that cinema trip at the tender age of three, ultimately set off that imaginative spark in my mind and it never really left me.

While I grew up in life telling people that I wanted to be a Web Developer, deep down I really wanted to be a Jedi or a space pirate like Han Solo. Hell, I’d even settle for Salacious Crumb if it mean’t I could sit next to Princess Leia in the gold bikini.

Anyway, we salute Return of the Jedi today, not only with our poster and trailer of the week, but also by sharing this video directed by Kyle Newman that has recently been posted on the Star Wars youtube channel.

About The Author

Colin lives in south west London. Looks like a hobbit and has been watching films ever since he saw Return of the Jedi at the age of 3. You can follow Colin on Twitter @obicolkenobi.