By John-James Grice

For the past four or five decades, some of the most iconic superheroes have made the seamless transition from comic books to television series, eventually making it to cinemas worldwide. Some have been more successful than others – Batman and, more recently, Iron Man are two of the greatest examples that come to mind.

The third part of the much-lauded Iron Man trilogy, Iron Man 3, was released earlier this year, and enjoyed a warm critical and box office reception. Like the other two before it, the movie was fun and not too serious, a criticism many film buffs have had of superhero movies gone by. Iron Man 3 went against the recent trend of dark storytelling for modern superhero films, and was all the better for it.

Superman finally done justice?

The next big superhero movie release due in 2013 is Man of Steel, the latest attempt to reboot the Superman story. Previous Superman films have been seen as underwhelming, but Man of Steel is expected to be in similar territory to the Dark Knight series, including a darker, more serious soundtrack that would have seemed out of place in a superhero film several years ago.

However Man of Steel is received by the critics and fans, it has a lot to do if it’s to be considered one of the genre’s greatest and most-loved movies. A recent survey by Ladbrokes Games revealed that movie fans think The Dark Knight was the greatest superhero film ever made, with 18% casting their vote for it. 21% of males quizzed said they felt this way about that particular picture.

Genders thinking differently

While men thought very highly of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, the top choice in survey for women was Avengers Assemble – it polled 17%. The Dark Knight Rises came second with female superhero fans, polling 16% in total. As for some of the other questions, women and men differed on quite a few other subjects.

The main difference was when both genders were asked about which superhero they thought was the toughest. Men plumped for The Hulk, while women surprisingly chose Batman! Both genders did agree that the spectacular box office flop Catwoman was the worst superhero film of all time, and that the Batmobile was the coolest superhero vehicle to ever feature on screen.


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