We are well underway with our Peter Cushing centenary celebrations at Movie Ramblings towers (check out our first batch of retrospectives if you haven’t already), so it is great to see others doing the same.

The Horror Channel will be one of those joining the party when they host a ‘Peter Cushing Centenary Day’ on May 26 – the date of the great actor’s birth.

The Channel will be showing four of the horror star’s classic hits, as well as one of the best episodes from the Hammer House Of Horror series.

Kicking things off is Frankenstein Created Woman (1967), a true Hammer classic that sees Cushing return to his signature role of the Baron.

Following that is 1968’s Blood Beast Terror, which sees Cushing investigating a series of suspicious deaths in the English countryside.

The classics keep coming with I, Monster – a 1971 take on the Jekyll and Hyde legend that sees Cushing team up with his horror partner in crime Christopher Lee.

Rounding things off nicely is memorable werewolf flick The Beast Must Die, made even more noteworthy by the inclusion of a 30-second interlude near the conclusion, allowing the audience to guess who the werewolf actually is.

As if all that wasn’t enough, those kind Horror Channel peeps then throw in 1980’s Silent Scream to finish, a Hammer House Of Horror special that manages to throw in Nazis and human experimentation.

Suffice to say we’ll be stocked up with the snacks when the whole thing kicks off at 10am on May 26.

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