The international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness hit the web earlier today and it’s quite possibly the meatiest one yet.

Featuring the regular faces of Kirk, Spock, Uhura and all the others on the Enterprise, it also gives glimpses of various newcomers. Alice Eve is featured quite prominently, with her role confirmed as Carol Marcus (fans of The Wrath of Kahn may remember her).

Robocop’s Peter Weller also makes his debut as what appears to be a high ranking Star Fleet official.

Naturally, the trailer also features plenty of Cumberbatch’s John Harrison. The villain of the piece who will no doubt be giving Kirk and crew plenty to worry about.

Also, to mark the release of the trailer Paramount have cunningly released the following poster.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Eagle-eyed web users noticed on earlier editions of the trailer that during a certain shot of Alice Eve, there was a link to the right of her. When keying in the address, it would take users to the poster above.

Alice Eve in Star Trek

We can’t see it…

Star Trek Into Darkness will be released in UK cinemas on 9th May.

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