By Martin Dunne

It’s fair to say that, of them all, the horror genre is one of few in modern cinema that is willing to be provocative and take daring risks in the name of its target audience. Speaking specifically of The Last Exorcism Part II, it appears the leading lady, Ashley Bell, has quite literally bent over backwards (BOOM BOOM) to once again take on the role of Nell Sweetzer. 

Producer Eli Roth, who will be familiar to many of you as the man behind the Hostel movies or the Semitic soldier with the meanest baseball swing you ever seen in Inglorious Basterds, has taken this series in an interesting direction, making the immediate leap from found footage to a more standard cinematic narrative style (something the ever-more-stale Paranormal Activity flicks have failed to even have a go at).

There is something of a sense that this trailer is giving away just a bit too much plot info, meaning a perhaps slightly less bold marketing campaign might have benefited the movie but, hey, this is Eli Roth after all, who’s gunning for subtlety? 

There are hints of a much deeper religious conflict than ever before, with the sinister reassurances that someone, be it Christ or Anti-Christ, is certainly coming for our intrepid heroine. 

There’s clearly a joke to be had about the fact that there is another ‘last exorcism’ but if they’re making the audience happy while terrified, I hope we never reach The Very Last Exorcism Part IV for a while.


The Last Exorcism Part II is due out March 1st 2013.


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