By Martin Dunne

Having left his high-standing role in public service after a series of mishaps, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the big screen ironically sees his character gunning for Mexican drug lords after having left his high-standing public service role after a series of mishaps.  

But rather than politics, The Last Stand sees Arnie relocate to a sleepy border town as sheriff after his role in the LAPD ends in disgrace. 

The latest offering from South Korean director Kim Ji-Woon, formerly of the surreal western The Good, The Bad and The Weird, the flick promises to be nothing less than interesting. 

Now in the latest clip released from the movie, Arnie is the master of nuance as he dodges rapid bullet fire and bursts through the front door of a dilapidated café (“Get to the diner!” anyone?), before smashing to the ground. 

When a patron kindly asks the Austrian giant how he’s feeling (which, of course, you would, rather than try to assist the 65-year-old man who just escaped mercenary fire), he coolly replies “Old”. 

It’s not quite “Hasta la vista, baby” but the man is old enough to claim a bus pass so we can probably let him off. 

The Last Stand hits UK cinemas on January 24.

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