By Max Wheeler

Director of 2009’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Niels Arden Oplev is back with the crime thriller Dead Man Down. Headlined by Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace (her second collaboration with the Danish director), the film is intriguingly ‘Fringe’ guru J.H. Wyman’s first screenplay since 2001’s The Mexican. 

After Total Recall’s near universal panning amongst critics, Farrell is surely keen to make sure his reputation as a credible action hero tough guy remains intact, and based on the trailer, perhaps it bodes well. 

The film follows Victor (Farrell), set up to pursue a criminal gang-lord across New York by the revenge seeking Beatrice (Rapace). Cue guns, car chases, sex and a turn by British actor Dominic Cooper. 

The film’s stark, high-gloss sheen juxtaposed against the gritty modern day New York scenery suggests a picture more in Farrell’s comfort zone, while it surely promises to offer plenty of shooting, sex and explosion to satisfy popcorn flick aficionados. 

At the same time, Oplev, a so far proven safe pair hands when it comes to action thrillers, looks set to keep the film from being just a tiresome mass of inane violence. In addition Rapace, fresh from praise for last year’s otherwise so-so Prometheus, has picked up a handy reputation for compelling performances. 

So far, it looks fairly promising. Farrell is surely unlikely to provide any kind of surprising performance that he did in In Bruges, but his tried and tested rugged tough guy persona is similarly unlikely to disappoint in what may prove to be more than your average action flick.


Dead Man Down hits US cinemas on March 8.

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