After a wait of what seems like forever, the first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has hit the web.

Aside from a planet with red vegetation, it looks like Kirk and co will be boldly going mostly to Earth as judging by this teaser that’ll be the location where most of the action will be happening. Not that we’re moaning as it does look suitably epic.

What is interesting is that the films villain (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) still hasn’t been officially named and with internet speculation hinting at a return of Khan reaching fever pitch, we’re still on the fence with this one.

While the Japanese trailer features a single shot that appears representative of a certain scene from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, I personally don’t see it as conclusive evidence that Khan will subjecting the Enterprise crew to any wrath.

However, I do believe that the this tantalising glimpse of Star Trek Into Darkness shows great promise and judging by the presence he has in this trailer, Cumberbatch could very well walk away with the film.

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