Men In Black III

Men In Black III

It’s been a full 10 years since the last Men In Black film was released and if we’re being honest, the last instalment was not much to write home about.

So it was with some surprise that black suits were giving a dusting off last summer when Men In Black III finally hit our screens.

While it was not exactly the movie event of the summer, it did fairly well at the box office and was generally well received. It appeared that there is life in the old series yet.

By using the old time-travel plot device, Men In Black 3 cleverly side steps away from the well worn path of aliens wanting to destroy Earth and actually gives our characters a new environment to play in.

Granted, the plot essentially does actually boil down to one alien called Boris The Animal (Flight of the Conchord’s Jemaine Clement) wanting to destroy Earth, but the setting this time round is late 60s New York and it gives the film makers enough material to actually make the film a lot more interesting than it should be.

Featuring appearance from the likes of Andy Warhol and a certain major event that was a giant leap for mankind, the script plays to the settings strength and gives Will Smith a chance to relish in some humour featuring some dated stereotypes.

The casting of Josh Brolin as young agent K is also something of a masterstroke. Looking and sounding just like the grumpy Tommy Lee Jones character, Josh Brolin somehow manages to make the role his own and fits into the series like a well tailored suit.

Jemaine Clement as Boris The Animal

Jemaine Clement as Boris The Animal

His chemistry with Will Smith is sound enough and the story gives enough background to their relationship and rather surprisingly, actually moves things on a bit for them as we learn more about their relationship than most people could’ve predicted.

The film is by no means perfect.

The comical skills of Jemaine Clement are severely underused here and the likes of Frank the Pug and Agent Zed are sorely missed.

Having said that Danny Elfman once again returns on scoring duties and every inch of Rick Baker’s wild and imaginative make-up work is there to be enjoyed on screen.

But overall, Men In Black III is an enjoyable sci-fi comedy. In a nutshell, it is not as good as the first, but marginally better than the 2nd film.

Naysayers of the series should just move along as what deviation there is from the previous two films is minimal, however fans of the series will find enough family entertainment here to enjoy.

Special Features:

  • Gag Reel
  • Partners in Time: The Making of MIB3
  • “Back in Time” Music Video by Pitbull

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