A lot has been said about Prometheus.

I had the misfortune to see it on its opening day during the peak of its much hyped release and when the film finished, it wasn’t until I sat down to write the review that I truly understood how I felt about the film.

It was disappointing, but not from a visual point of view. Visually, the film was a marvel for the eyes and every little detail of love that went into its production was up there on the screen for all to see.

Ultimately, the films failures were in its script and its narration. Much of it just didn’t make sense and for me, the abrupt ending was just insulting.

Now with the recent blu-ray release, the hype continues and those marketing bods at 20th Century Fox have played on the films confusion by boldly stating “questions will be answered”.

And having sat through several hours of the special features, I can confirm questions have been answered.  If you’ve not yet seen the film, then you might want to look away now as the rest of this review is pretty heavy on the spoilers.

The deleted scenes do explain quite a bit, but only with regards to some of the characters decisions.

Ignoring the ultimately pointless addition of a new beginning and ending (really, they’re just alternative versions that don’t shed much light on the mythology of the engineers).

We see Rafe Spall’s Millburm get excited about finding a new life form, a scene that shows his enthusiasm for life and explains why he decided to get all friendly with a penis shaped worm that ultimately decided to break his arm and then force itself down his throat.

We learn a bit of history about Idris Elba’s Janek and we get to see Charlize Theron’s Vickers show some remorse after her confrontation with Holloway – a scene that shows her to have much more depth than the two-dimensional pantomime villain she is in the film.

There’s also an alternative take of the scene that showed what happened to Fifield, featuring a CGI creature built by the technical wizards at WETA instead of Sean Harris running around in make-up.

Deleted "mutant Fifield" scene from Prometheus

Deleted “mutant Fifield” scene from Prometheus

So yes, these deleted scenes do answer some questions, but they also present a whopping new one – why weren’t they included in the original edit?

Deleted scenes aside, there is an extensive 3 and half hour documentary into the making of the film, the covers the production initial beginnings as a standard prequel to Alien to the final stages of post-production.

Whether its worth a purchase or not, that depends on your opinion of the film I guess. Much like the Alien 3 DVD release, I found the special features quite insightful and ultimately more interesting than the film itself.

One thing that should be noted, most of the special features only appear on the super-duper-hyper-expensive 3D edition of the blu-ray.  Fortunately there is a 2D version of the film within the set, but one can’t help but feeling that this is another PR stunt to ramp up the sales of the 3D version.

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