Quite rightly considered one of the godfathers of gore, legendary late director Lucio Fulci gets a welcome revival at Frightfest courtesy of a screening of the classic Zombie Flesh Eaters.

Set for an imminent restoration DVD release, the screening allows fans to wallow in plenty of gut-munching, an eyeball being skewered in loving close-up by a wood splinter and, yes, a zombie fighting a shark underwater.

Fulci’s flicks have been slaughtered as much as praised over the years and, indeed, films like the New York Ripper are tough to sit through.

But Zombie Flesh Eaters is the director on top form, with a number of standout sequences proving particularly memorable – the emergence of a host of zombies from a graveyard for example.

Set on the fictional island of Matul, the film sees reporter Peter West (Ian McCulloch) and Anne West (Tisa Farrow) find themselves mired in the crazy antics of the oh-so-slightly mad Dr Menard as they investigate a missing person.

Before long it is a desperate battle for survival on an island overrun by the living dead – which makes for great cinema of course.

Zombie Flesh Eaters screens as part of the all-nighter on October 27.


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