Straddling the horror and comedy genres to good effect, Cockneys vs Zombies is an enjoyable romp that barely pauses for breath throughout its quickfire running time.

A solid mix of gory dismemberments, a host of geezers and an absolutely insane amount of expletives, the Brit flick knows its audiences and plays to it.

The set-up is very simple – workers on a building site uncover a mass grave that was supposedly sealed on the order of King Charles II back in 1666.

Naturally a couple of zombified corpses lurk inside, and a few bites later the workforce are turned into a pack of shuffling gut-munchers.

Against this backdrop we follow the antics of dimwit brothers Terry (Rasmus Hardiker) and Andy (Harry Treadaway), who are planning a bank job to raise some cash for their granddad (Alan Ford).

Their granddad you see, lives in an old folks’ home, a home that is due to be demolished by the workmen detailed above.

But after a botched bank job, Terry, Andy and their gang are amazed to find themselves caught up in the zombie maelstrom – with the added bonus of having £2.5 million in the back of their van.

From that point on it is a race against time as the gang aim to get across the East End and save the old dears from what is quite literally a fate worse than death.

Director Matthias Hoene keeps things ticking over very nicely, and the various gory demises include copious shootings, a zimmer frame used as a weapon and a nice death by gardening shears sequence.

There are also plenty of laughs to be had, although it must be said the film is not as funny as it clearly thinks it is.

The best laughs involve the old folk, with a chase sequence involving Richard Briers and his zimmer frame and a pack of shuffling zombies a real highlight.

It is also great fun to see the likes of Ford and former Bond girl Honor Blackman tool up with various shotguns and dispense some urban justice.

The cast, which also includes Michelle Ryan, Ashley Thomas and Jack Doolan among others all seem to be having a great time and that fun is clearly passed on to the audience.

There are faults to be found – as stated earlier some of the humour misses the mark, and the film ends without any real resolution.

But in the main Cockneys vs Zombies is a real crowd-pleaser and will certainly have you entertained from first minute to last.


Extras: A number of behind-the-scenes sequences, a Zombie School instructional video and the trailer.

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