Don Coscarelli is a name close to most horror fan’s bleeding hearts, thanks to his previous work on the likes of genre favourites Phantasm and Bubba Ho-Tep.

Well, the veteran director returns with a new flick at this year’s London Film Festival, the enjoyably-titled John Dies At The End.

A mind-bender already (and unsurprisingly) tipped for cult classic status, the film follows a pair of college dropouts who are suddenly thrust into a desperate battle to save humankind.

All this is down to a bizarre new drug (that has the moniker ‘soy sauce’) – a substance that opens up the space/time continuum and suddenly unleashes an alternate world of conspiracies, monsters and metaphysical mayhem.

As if all that doesn’t sound cool enough, the film also features a turn from the always watchable Paul Giamatti.

The film comes courtesy of an original novel from Jason Pargin, so let us hope that the Coscarelli sheen makes it a memorable big-screen experience when it plays on the 13 and 16 of October.

About The Author

Simon Fitzjohn

Simon is a journalism tutor in London, who also just happens to be a movie fanatic, with a craving for the darker side of cinema. He has written two books, one on the horror films of director Bob Clark (2014) and the other on the history of the character Norman Bates (2015). His third book, on the work of British exploitation director Pete Walker, is due in 2017.