I’m definitely getting old. I was the tender age of 19 when the first American Pie film came out – arguably part of the films core-demographic and yes, for all my faults I enjoyed it in all it’s silly, childish humour.

Now I’m in my thirties, settling down with kids and taking things a lot more seriously than I probably should.

Yes, it appears I’m part of the core-demographic for American Reunion.

Picking up after 2003’s American Wedding, American Reunion sets the scene with Jim and Michelle struggling to balance parenthood and a healthy sex-life. Kevin Myers has grown-up to be a responsible house husband, Finch has travelled the world and Chris “Oz” Ostreicher has become a TV sports presenter and a z-list celebrity.

Despite the ending of American Wedding, it appears that Stifler hasn’t changed at all and is still pretty much the biggest, xenophobic dick imaginable. Which is probably just as well, as Seann William Scott’s character here provides most of the laughs through out the film.

With them all back in town for their high school reunion, events happen that see the characters put in awkward situations – mostly involving girls and for the most part, it works and it is quite amusing.

But in contrast to it’s younger predecessor’s it lacks a certain freshness and much of the proceedings needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Speaking of contrasts, one nice little touch see’s Jim offering his father Noah (played by an always reliable Eugene Levy) advice on how to move on in life since the death of Jim’s mother as opposed to the other way round. The scenes between the two are genuinely moving and show that the chemistry between the two actors is still there.

Overall, American Reunion won’t convert anyone who didn’t enjoy American Pie first time, but there’s enough in-jokes, cameos and the usual juvenile comedy here for fans of the old series to enjoy.

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Colin lives in south west London. Looks like a hobbit and has been watching films ever since he saw Return of the Jedi at the age of 3. You can follow Colin on Twitter @obicolkenobi.