JawsWhat is left to be said about Jaws? It is pretty much the film that set the benchmark for summer blockbusters and it’s influence on modern cinema is undeniable.

There is no point in me going on about the plot, nor is there any reason for me to attempt to dissect Spielberg’s masterpiece, as I am fairly confident everything that has to be said about Jaws has been said by now.

However, what I can say is what a sterling effort the team at Universal have put into this latest home release.

Painstakingly remastered from it’s original negative, Jaws has never looked so good and in breathtaking 4K high definition, the sharks teeth have never looked as sharp.

The audio has also been given a spring clean and for the first time, the film is presented with a new 7.1 audio mix.

The film itself is still hugely enjoyable and it’s easy to forget how well Jaws is put together. Unlike it’s successors, Jaws has stood the test of time amazingly and it proves that sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones.

There are no waterparks here (I’m looking at you Jaws III) and there are no personal vendettas either (I’m looking at you Jaws: The Revenge). It’s just a great white shark putting a territorial claim on the waters around Amity Island as it’s feeding ground and causing a frenzy, and it’s still great.

I’ve seen the film easily over a 100 times, yet certain scenes still give me chills. That famous dolly zoom shot that focuses on Brody’s stunned reaction as he see’s the shark claim another victim. Quint’s telling his side of the story about the USS Indianapolis and Hooper examining the remains of the first victim and spitefully stating “this was no boating accident!”.

Like I said, it’s all still great and if you’ve not seen Jaws, you really have no excuse with this release to not check it out.

On the special features side of things, a lot of stuff appears to be hand-me-downs from previous releases.

That being said, the real star of the extras is a new fan-made documentary “The Shark Is Still Working” that features plenty of unheard anecdotes about the film.

Narrated by the film’s star Roy Schnieder and featuring extensive contributions from the cast, crew and famous fans of the film, “The Shark Is Still Working” is a major undertaking of love from those involved and it’s inclusion here serves as a worthy compliment in this latest release of Jaws.

Other features include deleted material, out-takes and a wealth of production photographs.

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