I think it’s fair to say that Clive Barker is a bit of a legend when it comes to genre fans, so there is little doubt that one of the more intriguing propositions at this year’s Frightfest is Nightbreed – The Cabal Cut.

Originally released back in 1990 and adapted from his novel Cabal, the flick did not achieve the heights of other Barker epics that have made their way to the big screen – Hellraiser, Candyman etc – but was chock full of memorable images and ideas nonetheless.

Ever since that year, there has been talk and whispers of deleted scenes, lost footage and missing prints.

Well, the great news is a brace of European work prints surfaced that unearthed a lot of this said footage, and one painstaking process later, we have The Cabal Cut.

Said to be the complete version of Barker’s nightmarish vision, the flick tells the tale of a community of mutant outcasts, a psychotic serial killer and redneck vigilantes.

Directed by Barker himself, Nightbreed features among others Craig Sheffer and fellow horror icon David Cronenberg as Dr Decker.

Nightbreed – The Cabal Cut screens at Frightfest on Friday, August 24 and we cannot wait.

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