Set for its European premiere at Frightfest, The Possession sees Sam Raimi once again return to the horror genre – albeit in a producer’s role.

For this is directed by Dane Ole Bornedal, and if his 1994 chiller Nightwatch (well worth checking out) is anything to go by, then hold on to your hats.

The story centres on the Brenek family, with parentsClydeand Stephanie emerging from the other side of a divorce.

Things are tense, but they take a sinister turn when daughter Em becomes obsessed with an antique wooden box that she picked up at a yard sale.

Covered in arcane Hebrew inscriptions, it all seems innocent at first, but that quickly changes when their girl begins to show some increasingly erratic behaviour.

Could opening the box have unleashed some sort of ancient demon? I’m pretty sure you can work that out from the title!

The pedigree on display is solid, with a cast that includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick as the parents.

And the trailer looks excellent, with a familiar whiff of religious horror.

My only real fear is the ‘based on a true story’ assertion, but we still have high hopes for this one.

The Possession plays at Frightfest on Monday, August 27.

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