Given the honour of being the closing film at this year’s Frightfest, Tower Block looks like a tasty proposition.

Set in a run-down, about to be demolished tower block (surprise, surprise), the film focuses on the handful of remaining tenants who occupy the top floor.

They are the final people waiting to be re-housed from Serenity House, a block that has over recent times become a breeding ground for crime and violence.

But before they get the chance to set themselves up with a better life, a psychopathic sniper decides to take aim at the block, picking off the tenants one-by-one.

His motives are unknown, but with the lifts booby-trapped and the exits obstructed, the handful of occupants must join forces to combat this mysterious killer.

Starring a host of young British talent, from Being Human’s Russell Tovey toEdenLake’s Jack O’Connell, with the likes of Sheridan Smith and Ralph Brown also thrown into the mix, this has an intriguing cast.

Directed by James Nunn (assistant director on the likes of F and Airborne) and Ronnie Thompson (producer of prison thriller Screwed), this looks like closing Frightfest with a bang – no pun intended.

Tower Block plays at Frightfest on Monday, August 27.


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