I think it’s fair to say that most horror fans have a soft spot for Spanish director Jaume Balaguero – after all, anyone who has given the world both Rec and Rec2 deserves all the plaudits they get.

Well, the Catalonian helmer is back at Frightfest with his new offering Sleep Tight, a dark psychological thriller that aims to get under the skin.

Once again the action takes place at a Barcelona apartment block, but rather than having rabid infected folk on the rampage, this is much more low-fi.

The central figure this time round is Cesar, a quiet, unassuming janitor whose politeness hides his true personality.

Turns out that Cesar is a bit obsessed with one of the tenants, to the extent that he even sneaks into her flat to act out his twisted fantasies.

Spanish star Luis Tosar takes on the role of Cesar, having turned up in the likes of Cell 211 and even Michael Mann’s Miami Vice in the past.

And there is solid support from Marta Etura as Clara, the object of the janitor’s sleazy intentions.

The film was well received on its Spanish release last year, so here’s hoping for good things.


Sleep Tight screens at Frightfest on Sunday, August 26.

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