Evil zombie Nazis are nothing new in the realm of horror cinema – a trip back to 1977’s Shock Waves proves that.

But the films keep on coming (rather like the zombies themselves), with recent efforts like The Devil’s Rock or Dead Snow springing to mind.

Another of those flicks was 2008’s Outpost, which starred Ray Stevenson and a host of others as a bunch of modern-day mercenaries who stumble across a WWII bunker inEastern Europe.

Nazi-inspired carnage ensues, complete with some neat gore, thousands of rounds of bullets, and some mad science.

I know a lot of people were distinctly unimpressed by it all, but I found it solidly entertaining, with the claustrophobic bunker corridors an interesting setting.

I don’t think anybody though expected or called for a sequel (myself included), but here we go with another round of zombie madness.

This time round the tale focuses on a NATO task force, sent to uncover a mysterious force that appears to be wiping out everything in its path.

Also thrown into the mix is investigatorLena(Catherine Steadman), who is hot on the trail of notorious Nazi war criminal Klausener, who may or may not still be alive.

Also in the cast is Richard Coyle, who also pops up at Frightfest in the Irish horror Grabbers.

Titled Outpost: Black Sun, the film is directed by Steve Barker, who took the reins for the 2008 original.


Outpost: Black Sun plays at Frightfest on Saturday, August 25.

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