I must admit, in this modern-day world of floods of advance images, teaser trailers and posters and blurry on-set shots of everything from a special-effect sequence to a crew member taking a dump, any film that is wrapped in secrecy usually piques my interest.

Things do not always work out for the best (hello Prometheus), but for every one of those there is an Inception – films that decide the less the audience knows ahead of watching it, the better.

Which is probably why I absolutely cannot wait for Elysium to hit cinemas, when it eventually rolls around in March 2013.

But that is not the only reason for my excitement – far from it. How about:

It is directed by Neill Blomkamp – sure, we have a very small back catalogue to talk about here, but anybody who can put together and unleash something like District 9 sure gets my vote. District 9 was comfortably my favourite film of 2009, and here’s hoping the South African helmer delivers again.

It has a great cast – Matt Damon has become a quality leading man over the years, but he has never really dipped his toes into the world of full-blown sci-fi before (The Adjustment Bureau and a voiceover in Titan AE apart). Throw District 9 standout Sharlto Copley into the mix, along with Jodie Foster and William Fichtner, and you have a line-up that should certainly deliver the goods performance wise.

The premise delivers more socio-political sci-fi – what really elevated District 9 to the realms of a classic for me was that it was a political film masquerading as a sci-fi action flick, or maybe even vice-versa. Whatever, the clever use of the shanty towns and talk of immigration made D9 so much more than a simple shoot-em-up. With Elysium supposedly offering a tale of a class rift within humanity, with the rich leaving Earth while the poor are left to rot on a decaying planet, we should expect plenty more of the same.

The budget – Blomkamp showed that he can wring every last cent out of a budget, with District 9 looking a whole lot more spectacular than its finances should have dictated. Let’s hope with a bit more coin in his pocket, the results are even more spectacular.

Oh, and did I mention the whole thing is pretty hush-hush? Fingers crossed……..

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