Ever wondered what the ‘Transporter’ series of films would be like if they ditched some of the fight scenes and replaced Jason Statham with Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

Well, wonder no longer thanks to this effort – and I’m afraid it ain’t pretty.

A jumbled mess that is likely to bewilder as much as entertain, The Courier certainly throws up some neat scenes, but is unable to present anything resembling a coherent plot.

Morgan plays the titular character, a specialist carrier who makes a decent living off his activities, thanks to his no-questions-asked approach.

Once we get an opening sequence out of the way on top of a disused rollercoaster (which would have been quality were it not for some awful green-screen work), the story kicks in.

The Courier is tasked with delivering a suitcase to Evil Sivle, a villain who is described in some truly ridiculous ways by various lowlifes through the film – for example the embodiment of death, a ghost etc – you know, the type of thing nobody in real life would ever say.

The catch is that no one actually knows where Sivle is, and The Courier has 60 hours to both find him and deliver the package, otherwise some nasty stuff will happen to those close to him.

And that is pretty much about it, although you can throw in an FBI agent, some Russians and Josie Ho as a token love interest.

There is real potential here, and a quality cast that includes Miguel Ferrer, Mark Margolis and, wait for it, none other than Mickey Rourke as a central bad guy.

That casting seems a bit strange though, with Rourke spending the vast bulk of the running time sat at a desk with his back to camera, which had me thinking there was some ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ type casting shenanigans going on.

There are some decent action sequences and a nasty torture scene involving a bath, Morgan’s fingers and some pliers, but to dub it the ‘action-packed chase movie of the year’ (as the DVD sleeve does) is well wide of the mark.

Director Hany Abu-Assad keeps things moving at a brisk pace, but there are far too many head-scratching moments to keep you really interested, and I kept thinking I needed to rewind a scene or two as I must have missed something.

In actuality though I hadn’t, and that sense of confusion is the biggest thing that holds The Courier back from being anything I would recommend.


Extras: Behind The Scenes Featurette

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